Home from tour, NYC and local shows, recording continues.

Back home from west coast tour and what a glorious time it was. Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows and everyone who put me up while I was on the road. Back to business back east. Playing this Tuesday at Silvana at 8pm in NYC then this Saturday at Buckalews in Beach Haven. Come see some music and chat me up. Going to continue recording this month with The Pete at Little Eden in Asbury Park right after I catch his show with Small Talk at The Boot and Saddle this Thursday in Philly. If your in the area, check them out, great band. Working on a Mardi Gras Party this Febuary with a bunch of local bands and starting to book southern shows for the spring. Busy, busy. That's it for now. Come check out some shows, and enjoy the holidays. Cheers- Rye

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