On The Road Blog, Part one: Rain, Traffic, Tunes and Gypsies  

" Are you going somewhere or just going?"- Jack Kerouac
           Hopped on the road Friday afternoon after loading the truck with gear and supplies to my first stop in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. I got commissioned to play at The Hotel RL on "The living Stage" that they have at all their properties. It down pored the whole ride and the traffic was horrible(usually is in that area). Still, I showed up early and got to set up before my start time. This gig was pretty cool in that I was being filmed during my performance and it was being broadcast to all the rooms at all their properties across the country and its recorded. Apparently they do this a few times a week with different artists. So, If you ever stay at a Red Lion property try to find me on the TV in your room! Some old friends showed up too I haven't seen in a while. My buddy Paul from my Ventnor Days rolled through with his wife and friend. Also caught up with an old High School friend who I haven't seen since....well, high school. Good gig. The city was doing a "light show" all across town and it was cool to watch lazer beams bounce off buildings and dance in the sky. I also got to see one of the great east coast reggae bands Jah Works play. Haven't seen those guys in a minute.
          Hit the road the next morning for Wilmington early only to hit more rain and traffic. Long haul, about 7 hours. One of my touring friends told me never to drive more than 4 hours before you play a gig. Should have listened. Still, showed up on time in Wilmington to the Juggling Gypsy. No, actually I was a little late but it was all good. The owner, Sebastian, (or "Bash" as he goes by) was very lose and laid back. I kinda got that vibe from him right away by the way he wore his pirate hat and the fact that he was balancing a plastic baby pool on his chin. He was a very cool guy and we got to chatting. I use to busk down in Key West and he was a street performer there. Juggling, balancing stuff on his chin, flame throwing....you name it. Had a fun show and made some new friends. "Bash" runs a good bar and is an exceptional host.
          Made it to Savannah, Ga the next day exhausted but still hungry to play. I didn't have anything booked so I was searching out an open mic.Appartly there is not much going on Sunday nights around town. Might have been a good thing. Crashed out and now I'm getting ready to hit some old stomping grounds in Florida after I see some friends. I'm playing three nights in Marathon at Hurricane Bar and Grille in The Florida Keys. I'll let you know how it goes....

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