On The Road Blog, part two: Cafe Con Leche, The Band Room and The Hurricane

   Headed from Savanah Monday to New Symerna beach to stay with friends for the night. When your touring it's great to see friends who are on your route who graciously provide much needed hospitality and comfort especially if your living out of your truck. It was multicultural night and I got my curry on and got to hang with some buds unfortunately only for a short time. Headed out Tuesday morning for the keys where I was getting geared up for my three night run at The Hurricane in Marathon Fla. The Keys are my old Stomping grounds. I use to spend winters down there bartending and playing music while it was the off season up north. I'm familiar with the area and also with my beloved cafe con leche. I love Cuban food and Cuban coffee even more! I don't care how hungover you are or tired this stuff will get you moving!
    I rolled into town and met the crew at The Hurricane and started setting up for my show. I got to talking to the owner "Hal" and he asked me if I saw the "acomdatioms". I told him no, I was expecting to stay at a camp ground because the room prices in Marathon are very high, something I do often. He told me , if I like, I could stay in the "band room". He also informed me it had air conditioning. I was sold on that and went to check it out. Long story short.... Dee Dee Ramon would have been proud and good thing I brought my sleeping bag.
     The night was great! Solid crowd and very welcoming. My tip bucket was over flowing! Keys people always take care of musicians. The place had a great stage and sound system. It's rare when you get a place with good monitors on the road so it was a treat. After the set I headed over to the Brass Monkey with the staff. It's a local place that's smokey and deserves a blog of its own. Wendsday I headed to Sombrero beach for a swim had some Palomilla Steak and all the cafe con leche I could drink and headed back for night two at The Hurricane. it was open jam night and all the best musicians in town were there ripping. We had a blast and I made some new friends. I hope I get to jam with those guys again.
      Day three I head over the 7 mile bride to Bahia Honda State park and went for a swim. Beautiful park. Had a lobster Reuben at Keys Fishery and got geared up for night three. Three hour set and I mixed it up with covers and originals to a welcoming crowd. The locals again were very generous with the tipping and took real good care of me. Everyone around here lives on a boat and they are from somewhere else so I got to meet tons of interesting people. I got invited back next year and I can't wait! I slapped some stickers on the wall in the band room to prove I survived it. Hal and the crew at The Hurricane were great and I had a blast playing. If you are in the keys stop and have a dolphin sandwich. They have music 7 nights a week and they are all big big music fans. Glad to see places like this still going. Finishing up my 30th cup of cafe con leche and heading for Sanibel. Another stomping ground. Stay tuned.......
PS- I saw Kevin Saldamone, unfortunately 

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